Black Ops Zombies confirmed

After months of speculation and assumption, the inclusion of Zombie mode in the upcoming first person shooter Call Of Duty: Black ops has finally been confirmed by the developer, Treyarch.

The zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at war was a massive hit and was a major selling point for later map packs making it no surprise that Treyarch has decided to carry it forward to Black Ops.

The Zombie mode for World at war was not only popular. It also progressed and evolved hugely as the game aged. It all began with the first map, ‘Nacht der Untoten’ meaning ‘night of the undead’. This first map was originally a bonus mission for the campaign. However, it turned out to be very popular and Treyarch decided that the inclusion of more zombie maps in upcoming DLCs would be a huge selling point.

The first DLC gave gamers the zombie map ‘Verruct’. This new map was different to the first. The four players were split into two’s at the beginning and each pair had to advance around the map to reunite with the other pair. This map also included the new electroshock defense system.

The next new map was called ‘Shi No Numa,’ this map was different to both of the previous two as it was no longer set in Germany but in the Pacific instead. This meant that the zombies were Japanese. This map also introduced the new and feared Flaming Hell Hounds.

The fourth and final map was entitled ‘Der Riese’ and introduced players to the new teleportation and weapon upgrade system. It also saw the return of the Hounds and was set in Germany.

However, Treyarch have released little information about what the zombie mode could hold. So far we only know that it will include four player co-op and that it will feature a ‘surprise.’ We also dont know yet whether players will have to unlock zombie mode, or if it will be available straight away.


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