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Before I knew that Final Fantasy guide existed, I was really having trouble playing the Final Fantasy XIV game. I am so confused as to where the best spots to be able to level  up and earning Gil. Everything is just new to me and the Armoury system as well, is so confusing. I was stuck on a certain quests that I did not know what to do and where to accomplish it. I found the Final Fantasy XIV guide with the help of a friend of mine who already has a high level character in the game and this guide really changed everything.

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For me, the best thing that I was able to learn from this guide is that it has explanations and great tips about the game  and every aspect of it. It gave me a clearer picture of every puzzling part that was confusing to me especially about the armoury system and skill system. In addition to this, the Final Fantasy XIV Guide also taught me in equipping my self better and the guide also has a complete list on the gears and information like where and how to find them. The guide simply gave me all the information that I needed to be able to understand in playing the game.

The FFXIV guide simply explained gear facts, walk throughs on every quests, breakdowns of zones in the game to make leveling up easier. I was able to get to know every monster that I needed to kill at the right level and I was never in a situation wherein I didn’t know the monster I was battling with. I never had a quest that I couldn’t finish because I had the FFXIV guide to help me. Without the guide, It is really difficult playing the game. I have to face more challenging situations, more quests that I can’t finish or will take a long time for me to accomplish them. Worse is, getting stuck on the quests in line but with the guide, It was a piece of cake.

I would be able to say that this guide is the best ever and I do not need another guide to explain the game for me again. The Final Fantasy XIV guide made things easy for me. It will also allow you to get updated in the future for any changes about the game. I would suggest, if you really are a Final Fantasy Gamer, get a copy of this guide.

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