Dominate Other Players With These 4 Mafia Wars Secrets

Many Mafia Wars players think that they can play better than other mafias. But still they do not progress as quickly as other players. They might think that this as an error of the game, but often that is not the case. This game is all about using the best techniques. If the strategies used by the other players are better than yours then logically they will surpass you. In order to beat them, you must be aware of the tactics that can take you to the peak of the game. Here I can help you in sharing with you some Mafia Wars secrets.

Strong players in this game are already using these secrets for their benefit, while the casual player has no clear idea or plan of what to do. Go ahead and note down these points and try them out in the game. You will feel a clear difference. Here are 4 Mafia Wars secrets that successful players are already doing:

– While trying to recruit a huge mafia, you should concentrate on recruiting the best players possible. This is easy; they are the ones with the highest levels! No man is an island and you as a single player are at a great disadvantage if you try to play the game by yourself or if you have a weak mafia.

– The second thing I want to make clear here is that the Mafia Wars Godfather points that you earn at the initial stages of the game are not meant to be wasted. You should use these points at higher stages to take full advantage of them. You can clear the initial stages easily yourself. Too many players squander these points unnecessarily and regret when they require them later.

– Try to collect more rewards points in your account. There are many ways to do so, some of them from outside of the game itself. If you will be able to do so, it would give you an unfair advantage over the casual player.

– You should not be too obsessed with completing your jobs and neglect investing in property. The higher stages require you to purchase more and more expensive items and if you start investing your money in the earlier stages, you’ll be able to clear the latter stages much faster.

These are just 4 tips to start you off with. There are a whole lot of Mafia Wars secrets to be learnt and exploited if you are to dominate the game. Good luck and have fun!

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