1st Sindragosa HM

IV Plagueworks

1st Sindragosa HM


Description: Sindragosa is the Queen of Frost hatching and the first consort of Malygos, the Lord of all magic. The Frost Wyrm Sindragosa is the second and last boss in Halls of Frost wings of Icecrown Citadel.


Phase 1

Columns – Adds to an enemy and its nearest allies normal damage plus 50, affects up to 10 targets.

Schwanzschmetterer – Adds enemies 11250-18750 damage and knocking them back.

Frost Aura – Sets all players to 4500 frost damage every 3 seconds.

Frost Breath – Created in a cone-shaped area of 60 meters in front of the caster from 55,000 to 65.000 frost damage. Additional 1 min is long reduces the attack speed of targets by 50% and movement speed by 15%.

Icy Grip – Extends the range of the icy blast, to consult on all nearby enemies to the caster.

Murderous cold – Adds enemies within 25 meters 35.000 frost damage

Unleashed magic – Causes the target an arcane doom which leads to 8 seconds to strike all the arcane power cast. Multiple Casting of the affected target increases the counter-attack. Affects not only the affected players, but also all others within 20 yards.

Instability – The use of magic, while one is affected by Unbridled magic, builds on unstable energy that the caster per spell cast to end 5 seconds after the spell that deals 2000 arcane damage.

Penetrating Cold – Can feel those who act with physical attacks against Sindragosa, cold to the bone. Per application is added per 2 sec 1000 Frost damage.

Phase 2

Frost beacon – Identifies a target for the incarceration in a Eisgrab.

Eisgrab – Stuns an enemy, so that it does not move for 5 seconds can still attack. She chooses six random players after the start and throws at them. They are then caught in a grave with 453 000 HP, which must be killed. These tombs also block the line of sight to the frost-bomb, but someone within the tomb will choke after 20 seconds from lack of air.


Suffocation – Suffocation from lack of air. Per second caused 8% of total health as damage.


Frost bomb – Adds all located near targets 200 000 Frost damage. You need to hide behind the Ice Burrower to prevent this damage. After the frost bomb Sindragosa used 4 times, it lands.

Phase 3

All the capabilities of Phase 1

Mystic buffer – Blasts in nearby enemies with arcane magic and increased their magic damage per stack by 10% for 8 seconds. 200 meter range.

Raid composition

Tanks (2) – one of them with a frost-proof gear set, although it is by no means a necessity, it seems a little hinauszuhelfen in Phase 3.
Healer – (8)
DPS – (15)

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