Royal Trouble

What for have been the prince and the princess kidnapped and locked in the dungeon? Actually the heroes of Royal Trouble, an adventure by Orchid Games, are not really interested in that. They are busy trying to escape the prison they somehow got in. You as a player are provided with two charming characters – a young lady and a lad – who do not fancy each other at the moment they meet. So trying to get out the prison they will interfere one another from the very start of the game. But stay cool, it is in your power to make things work, as you’re responsible for both of them.

The game is a nice combo of adventure and hidden object genres. And I’ll say that the adventurous part is even more interesting than the puzzles and other tasks altogether. That is mainly due to the humour – funny situations and peaky dialogues. Spiced with the stylized 3D vivid graphics and lively music the dynamic game makes you forget about time passing by. The only thing the game lacks is nice overvoicing. It could be enjoyable to listen to squabbles of Nathaniel and Loreen, but not just read them.

The puzzles and mini-games are not challenging, so the only reason to skip them might be the case when you get bored. In general the game looks more like an interactive cartoon that reminds of Disney’s traditions.

While progressing through the game you are provided with hints that might be read in the book in the left corner of your screen. The good thing about the prompts is that they are not strict like go there and do that. The hints are gentle, but if you don’t understand you may click demanding more and more instructions up to the moment when you get almost a command concerning your actions. The catching detail about the book is that it also provides you with an original meter of the game completed: opening the book after an assignment completed you will see the percentage of the game that is already moved through.

The HOG scenes are pretty simple. Though sometimes you need to search for the mechanism parts, but not for the complete items it is still easy to find them. Once you’ll be even made to look for the nails in the box that is full of them, taken into consideration that you need the concrete ones.

Making a long story short the game’s key merit is the gameplay. The story is worked out in tiny details, the characters are more than just cute and the finale is worth playing up to the end.

And be prepared to think fast, as during all the game you’ll be switched between both the heroes!

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