Important Things to Consider Before You Unlock HTC Touch and HTC Magic

New HTC Touch and HTC Magic mobile phones are usually locked-in to a single network carrier.  It means you can not use other SIM cards to power your smartphone.  If you want to achieve more flexibility and to freely choose a network service provider, then you have to unlock HTC Touch and HTC Magic.  The process of unlocking HTC smartphone is easy.  You just have to obtain an unlock code for each model from a code provider.  Simply key-in the codes to your smartphone and it will be unlocked almost instantly.  But before you unlock HTC Magic and HTC Touch, here are a few important points that you need to consider first.   

Some people are afraid to unlock HTC Touch and HTC Magic.  They think that unlocking HTC smartphone is illegal.  This is a common misconception that prevents users to unlock HTC Magic and HTC Touch.  Unlocking HTC smartphone is perfectly legal.  The network service provider has no legal right to prevent you from getting the services of other carriers.  That is because you have established personal ownership of your smartphone the moment you paid for it.  And because you own the gadget, you have every right to use it in any way you want which includes using a different SIM card.  There is no need to worry about legality issues because unlocking HTC smartphone is allowed.  

Another important thing to consider is the ability of your smartphone to receive the unlock codes.  You may have a unit that does not have the capability to accept unlocking codes.  So before you unlock HTC Touch and HTC Magic, you have to consider this issue first.  Typically, a locked smartphone will not accept other SIM cards.  If you insert an unrecognized SIM, the unit will show an error message.  You will know that your phone can be unlocked if it prompts you to key-in the unlock codes.  If the prompt is missing, then your phone is probably not updated to accept unlock codes.  Even if you buy a code to unlock HTC Magic and HTC Touch, you will never be able to use it because there is no way for you to input the unlock codes. You have to make sure that your phone will display a utility asking for the unlock codes so you can proceed with the unlock operation.  

Lastly, you have to get specific guarantees from the unlock code provider.  Unlocking HTC smartphone can be done remotely.  You can simply request a code by providing the IMEI to the vendor.  The vendor will send you a code that corresponds to the model of your HTC smartphone.  In some cases, the unlock codes will not work.  So it is important to get a refund guarantee from the vendor if this happens.  A reputable code provider that promises to unlock HTC Touch and HTC Magic will always give you a full refund guarantee.  If you can not get a refund guarantee, then you have to look for an unlock code elsewhere.  

You can easily unlock HTC Magic and HTC Touch without a glitch.  But because these are electronic devices, some problems may occur during the unlock sequence.  The refund guarantee will enable you to get your money back if the codes will not work.  

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