As you may have noticed by the name, the new HTC 7 Mozart is rocking the Windows Phone OS 7

As you may have noticed by the name, the new HTC 7 Mozart is rocking the Windows Phone OS 7. The device is rocking a super slick interface with a variety of applications to play about with. The 7 Mozart is very pocket friendly and its slim line design is very pleasing on the eye. The capacitive screen technology is every responsive and the interface overloads your eyes with information and shortcuts direct from the home screen.

The phone is quite attractive and boasts a gorgeous 3.7 inch LCD touch screen which utilises the multi-touch input method for UI navigation. A 1GHz processor has been installed to handle the media heavy apps and online activities the user might revel in, and the HTC Hub allows the user to access and download new apps for a fully customizable experience. The screen makes the most of its 480 x 800 WVGA pixel set up to deliver some spectacular on screen visuals and a built-in accelerometer allows the UI to flip to landscape mode.

The 8MP camera, equipped with Xenon flash and AF is capable of capturing awesome HD 720p imagery and the stills come out crisp and rich in colour. The HTC 7 Mozart is packing an impressive multimedia player which is powered by Zune; it enables playback of a huge variety of video and audio formats and the 8GB internal memory should provide ample space to build a large collection. The player also allows you to download music and videos from the web. Users can benefit from some extensive sharing facilities which enable video, photo or audio uploading to sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Not only do HTC supply great visuals, but you get an awesome mobile sound system too! The Dolby system includes SRS surround sound and the quality is fantastic. A 3.5mm AV connection allows users t plug in there headphones and take there music collection with them wherever they may go. Past Windows smartphones where nothing to shout about, but this latest batch performs perfectly well and look good too. The web browser is supported by Wi Fi technology and 3G network coverage which both provide super fast download speeds where needed.

The 7 Mozart is completely integrated with your social networks, dedicated apps can be used for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Windows Live. The device can also be setup to receive e-mails and hold IM conversations. Of course, the standard SMS and MMS formats are still in there and can be viewed in conversation form. The HTC 7 Mozart is pre-loaded with GPS, FM radio and the latest Bluetooth technology, the device can be synched with your home or work PC and utilizes a microUSB connection.

HTC have provided a fully capable WP7 smartphone for the hardcore mobile entertainment fans. The device allows users to compile large collections of music and video entertainment which can follow them anywhere, they can share content online and download additional apps and games at there will. The 7 Mozart is fully integrated with social network management and enables users to stay in-touch via various forms of communications.

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