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The best way to be in touch with friends is through gadgets like mobiles and laptops. Devices like these have made our world a better place to live in. It has shrunk the barriers of distances. Gone are the early days, when one had to make a trunk call and wait to hear the sound of a dear one. Then there were days, one had to wait in a booth to make a call. The present generation is fast. Therefore, the gadgets used by them are also fast. The latest smart phones outsmart all the ordinary Mobile Phones. The best part of these phones is they give you the value for money.

You can make a call, share and edit messages a nd pictures with these latest gadgets. Then you can log on to social networking sites like Face book and Twitter also. Therefore, you need not carry a laptop always. With the latest touch phones, you can hear music, watch the latest movies, and even pay bills. Just think of it, that you can do all these with your fingertips.

Let us look at the latest touch screen ones. There I s a whole range of them from RIM black berry. The tour 960 one comes at a price range of $49.The highest price range is of courseS559. This one with a Verizon wireless has a mega pixel camera, CDMA is ideal for business people. Then, there is the Storm 2 also from RIM. It comes with an updated software andWI-FI.  The RIM also has another one called bold. Also know n as U.S Cellular, it is a favorite among globetrotting customers. Samsung is not left behind .It comes with its smart phone called Fascinate. At a price of $99, it is an ideal one for masses. Motorola Charm is a user-friendly one with android features. Then there is Sony Ericsson’s smart phone with a digital camera, AT&T, and FM radio. Among user ratings, HTC desire has a high ranking. With its sleek and powerful design and features, it is attracting many customers. You can get this cell phone at a price of about $199.99.go for one which suits your personality.

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