Samsung Adds a Touch of Style with the New Galaxy S

Thanks to an excellent operating system in the shape of Android 2.1, and massive storage capacity for media files, the Samsung Galaxy S looks like one of the handsets of 2010. The experience of using the Galaxy S is superb. A 1Ghz Qualcom A8 Cortex processor keeps everything ticking along at a tremendous pace.

There is no noticeable lag in the loading of applications and swiping your finger across the screen brings an instant response. The operating system used on this model is the ever reliable Android 2.1. This offers users the normal homescreen layout, where you have 7 screens where you can place your various icons. Samsung have chosen to skin Android with their own TouchWiz user interface, which does bring some pleasing changes to the phone. Social Hub for example aggregates all of your incoming data from various social networking sites. The hub works with Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, and seems a very effective tool to stay up to date with what is happening in the world around you. The UI also brings Samsungs own Swype text input method to the table. This is an extremely effective way of speeding up the composition of texts and e mails, as rather than individually pressing each key required you can move your finger across the screen in one continuous motion. The excellent artificial intelligence of the unit nearly always correctly guesses the word you are looking for. Speaking of typing, thanks to the large 4″ screen, the virtual keypad features large button which are well spaced out, further enhancing the user experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S is a lovely looking mobile phone. At first glance the black back panel, large screen and curved edges are reminiscent of the Apple iPhone 3GS. In terms of size, it really is a tale of two halves. Height and width measurements are slightly wider than many rival models in order to accommodate the larger screen, however the depth is wafer thin at just 9.9mm and thanks to the extensive use of lightweight plastic, the weight of 121 grammes is also less than you would expect. There is plenty of media support on the phone for those times when you are not making a call or browsing the web. A wide range of video file formats are supported , including newer formats such as MKV. The combination of such support alongside the massive screen makes the handset perfect for watching video files. A large amount of memory is required to store such data, so thankfully the Samsung Galaxy S comes with either 8GB or 6GB of internal memory. A micro SD card slot is also located on the phone, meaning there is potential to increase this memory by a further 32GB. For anybody looking for a top quality smartphone, you could do a lot worse than the Samsung Galaxy S, which performs very well in all areas.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Touch HD2 Rugged are available now.

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