The Nokia N8 is at the pinnacle of smartphone technology

The Nokia N8 is at the pinnacle of smartphone technology; the phone is packing a super advanced digital camera, fast web connectivity and a very responsive touch screen. Users will notice that the phone has a new sleek interface to work with thanks to the latest in Symbian software, the screen is ultra vibrant and produces some gorgeous on-screen imagery while the device is packed with plenty of support for messaging and social networking.

Nokia have designed the phone in an assortment of colours with such variants as Orange, Green and Blue for buyers to choose from and the phone looks stylish and sophisticated in each of its variations. The high res 3.5 inch AMOLED display is full touch sensitive with capacitive technology; it utilises a 360 x 640 pixel setup to provide over 16M colours which results in beautiful rich colours displayed with an impressively high contrast ratio.

The new Symbian ^3 OS allows the Nokia N8 to communicate via 2G, 3G and a range of cellular networks, it also enables the device to be socially integrated with the likes of Facebook and Twitter so users will always be within a tap of there personal blogs and social networks. The new software is proving to be much more fluid and easier to interact with than previous packages; the home screen is typically customizable and can feature tons of information and widget based shortcuts depending on the user.

The N8 packs a punch where web browsing is concerned, with built in Wi Fi and 3G connections the N8 is capable of hitting high speeds and the 680MHz processor is surprisingly adept at whipping the phone through web pages. Users will find they can save bookmarks as shortcuts and with basic support for Flash media; some of the media heavy sites will be more accessible.

Thanks to the screens in-built accelerometer the UI can be automatically flipped for optimized messaging and browsing in widescreen. Support for various messaging formats has become a mainstream trend, Nokia have kept to this with dedicated facilities for e-mail, IM wall posting and tweeting. Support for standard SMS and MMS messaging has not been forgotten. The on-screen QWERTY keyboard is very handy for messaging fans and completes an all-round messaging experience.

Nokia’s new N8 smartphone has a digital camera of epic proportion. The 12MP snapper comes complete with s et of Carl Zeiss optics and is more than capable of capturing some truly gorgeous still imagery, while videos can be filmed in 720p HD at around 25-30fps depending on conditions. The device has been kitted out with a video player and a music player which are accompanied by FM radio and GPS applications. A 3.5mm jack makes the phone compatible with headphones, Bluetooth is ideal for wireless hardware communication while there are a range of compatible sites like YouTube and Facebook for users to upload there content.

With the Nokia N8’s uncensored access to the Ovi Store it allows users to download new applications, themes and wallpapers to customize there phones software, there are great memory expansion options with a microSD slot which will manage up to 32GB.The Nokia N8 is an established all-round smartphone which is well equipped with is high spec camera and AMOLED display.

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