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Tired of wondering what your partner, children, employees are up you? I am! That’s why there is SpyBubble.

So what is SpyBubble?

Glad you asked! SpyBubble is a cell phone spying software system that allows you to log in from any computer and monitor almost every aspect of a cell phone there is. You install it on your family, friends, partners, or employees phones and everything on that phone can be traced right from your computer at home.

Ok…cool…Tell me more about SpyBubble. What are it’s Features?

* Call Tracking – see the incoming and outgoing calls on phones. SpyBubble lists the numbers, dates, times, when the call was made, and how long it lasted.

* SMS Tracking – see incoming and outgoing text messages for any date

* GPS Location Tracking – find out were that particular phone is located at an instant

* Phone Book Access – access the phone’s contacts from your computer, look up numbers and find out who they belong to

Can this be used on all phones?

SpyBubble can be used on almost all new popular phones including all BlackBerry, Android, and Symbian (most Nokia, Sony, and Samsung) phones.

Ok, What do I need to use SpyBubble and HOW DO I USE IT?

Simple, All you need is an internet connection and access to a computer. As far as using SpyBubble goes, It’s pretty basic. Just get the desired phone you wish to spy on. After installing the proper software provided by SpyBubble, you simply enter the phone details on SpyBubble’s website, and you’re ready to start your cell phone spying.

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