The HTC Legend is combining style with performance

The HTC Legend is combining style with performance. The 600MHz processor provides the power while the Android platform delivers a sleek software package which is decorated by HTC’s intuitive Sense overlay. A digital camera will please the budding photographers while a fully integrated social network experience rounds off a very capable Android smartphone.

A noticeable 3.2 inch AMOLED screen comes up with the goods where you need them; the 320 x 480 pixel resolution can produce over 16M colours, meaning all of your on-screen activities look gorgeous, web pages are clear and captured images have added clarity. The capacitive touch technology means the phone utilises the multi-touch input method while and optical track pad offers its UI navigation service as an alternative.

The Android platform stands up well against its Apple brethren, with its online aspects and smooth user experience; it is being used more and more by some of the biggest names in the industry. The HTC Sense UI is very proficient at social networking and web browsing; the clever interface delivers a smooth, slick experience and uses its FriendStream application to feed social network information in a single, easy to follow stream of wall posts, tweets and messages. A seven page home screen system has been implemented to allows Legend users access to more of there apps direct from the home screen. By pinching you get a full overview of all of the seven home pages which can be interacted with.

HTC have loaded the full aluminium smartphone with 3G and Wi Fi technology for optimized web connectivity, the Android platform provides applications like Google Maps and YouTube compatibility. Users can also enjoy navigation support from HTC Footprints thanks to the built-in A-GPS. The Legend has been packed with Bluetooth technology and a microUSB connection which allow the device to link up with other compatible hardware devices.

Along with the phones social network support, you get dedicated apps for e-mail and Instant Messaging with names like Gmail, Gtalk, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Chat among the collection of compatible providers. The screen has a built-in accelerometer which will automatically flip the UI and open up an on-screen QWERTY keyboard for messaging mad users to benefit from.

The HTC Legend is locked and loaded with a 5MP digital camera which is packing flash and auto-focus in its arsenal; it will handle general snaps and videos without a hitch, while sharing is possible thanks to the YouTube and social network compatibility. A fully loaded video player will handle any file you run through it while the phones music player is able to support FM radio.

The Legend is packed with customizability; access to the Android Market allows for additional apps to be downloaded as well as themes, backgrounds and games. HTC’s Legend is a top notch smartphone; it looks great and performs very well, the main selling points will be its full alloy bodywork and gorgeous AMOLED display, but its user friendly interface and capacitive touch technology won’t do it any harm.

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