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long des. When the LG Cookie was released, it catered to a specific niche of the market – the ones who wanted to use the latest technology, at a lesser budget. With all its shortcomings, it made a splash in the market, and was instrumental in bringing affordable technology to the market, with the Samsung Corby. With LG understanding what the market wants, it unleashed the LG Cookie Pep, an enhanced version of the Cookie. Here is a brief review of the cell phone.

The LG Cookie Pep follows its predecessor in most aspects, and has a bar factor, and has a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. It has a 3.0 camera. The dimensions are sleek, just like the Cookie. The Pep is available in two colors, grey and black.

LG took better care of the advertising of this model, as compared to the Cookie. In many markets, they used popular film stars who had a youth connect to promote the phone.

What the LG Cookie Pep does add is one touch social networking applications, which means that one can access their favorite Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Orkut profiles at a touch of the button. It also offered the FM playing capabilities and features like a 3 way homescreen and fun UI. It has a 7.62 centimeter screen, which gives it one of the best viewing capacities in mobile phones. Also, the phone has an Mp3 player and a radio player, which makes it a feature rich mobile phone.

The phone also had the widgets that made its predecessor so famous. Another fun feature was Livesquare, using which a person could create fun avatars and send sms, or call friends. This was another feature aimed towards making this phone a fun phone for the youngsters.

All in all, the LG Cookie Pep is a very good enhancement over its predecessor, giving people more reasons to buy an LG phone. In many markets, LG phones were supposed to be budget phones that did not offer as many features and services that a highly priced mobile would offer.

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