The Benefits of Wii With Wii Sports Resort

Along with the release of the Nintendo Wii Console is a great change in the world of gaming. Fortunately, everyone can now take advantage of the bundles, accessories, and games that are offered by this product. It also features Wii Motion Plus which copies your movements onto the screen in a 3D space, allowing you to interact even more than before.

This product is also packed with the ability to play two disc formats in a single, self-loading media bay. It utilizes IBM’s processing chip, and ATI’s graphics chip. Moreover, it’s proven to work with all Nintendo GameCube games and most peripherals. Not only that, it also comes with wireless connectivity so you can be connected to various gaming services, as well as to the Internet.

At the present time, the shipment for this item is only limited to those who are within the U.S. and the APO/FPO areas. A built-in 512 MB of internal flash memory, the 2 USB 2.0 ports, and a slot for SD memory expansion, these are just some of the things that are preloaded in this unit. A wireless remote control is also part of its package. The good thing about it is that it can measure movement from all directions and speeds through its accelerometers.

Still another feature to look at in this item is its Nunchuck accessory. The system even allows you to simultaneously connect and use up to four controllers into it. Furthermore, it utilizes standard Bluetooth wireless technology. The good thing is it also comes with an adapter that you can use so you get to experience the same feel as that of a traditional controller.

There are a lot of benefits that come with this item. It doesn’t only provide tons of games that you desire; it also offers entertainment for everyone. It gives you access to multiple channels for movies and TV shows. Moreover, it keeps you moving by giving you great variety of activities and exercises. Hence, it’s a great help for those who wanted to get into shape, improve their stamina, or burn fat.

The actual device, a remote controller with its jacket, a Nunchuck controller, Wii sports, sensor bar, power cord, standard composite cable, and the stand, these are the usual things that you will have if you would Buy a Nintendo Console. Now, are you still wondering where to have fun? Gather everyone to your house and experience a whole lot of entertainment with this product. No doubt, it provides fun without making you spend for anything at all.

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Games For Wii For Your Good Entertainment

Nintendo Wii Games Download, Wii Download gives you entertainment with one click! Now you can enjoy all of your favorite games, movies, music and other great features with this wonderful system. Being able to surf through a variety of programs for you to enjoy is the best thing when you are doing it from the comfort of your own home. You will be able to select which package suites your needs most as far as entertainment and at the same time you will also be able to monitor what is most reasonable for you pockets without you over spending.

Games are offered in many different categories such as sports, action, strategy, role-playing, shooters and brain games. There’s a game for everyone to enjoy. Downloads may even be emulated to play games made for Sega Genesis, NEO, GEO and other non-Wii games. Just browse through the broad variety of games available and select what you like best.

Custom made themes are also available for you to add a great look to your Wii game. Downloadable themes can also be chosen just as if you aren’t in a creative mood. These themes can fit your creative needs and match whatever it is you are looking to accomplish as far as style.

Wii download allows you to download not only video games but also some of your favorite movies and TV shows in HD and DVD quality. These full speed downloads make this an easy and fun experience for all. You may also download your favorite tunes along with full albums. The great quality of sound that is offered makes it easy for all of your music to be downloaded onto a CD for you to enjoy whether you are at home on in your car!

It isn’t necessary to have a modchip when using this downloadable application. Special software is unlocked for you to access each every feature provided with this system, allowing you to download whatever you like without having to worry about the installation of other applications.

If you were ever having trouble trying to reach the last level of your favorite game or if you are looking for special codes and hints to help you win a complex game you can accomplish all of the above by using the cheat codes available. Not only are you downloading fantastic games but, you are also downloading codes that will help you win that game and accomplish and hard task that may be standing in the way of your completing a certain level.

Membership packages can range from anywhere between $30 to $50. There are membership packages offered as Trial, Silver and Platinum. Trial membership allows for a customer to have access to download games for 60 days. Silver membership allows for customers to have a full year access of downloadable games. Platinum packages allow for a customer to have lifetime access to all downloads with each membership offers 24 hour technical support.

Nintendo Wii Games Download, Wii Download allows for you to have the wonderful advantages of playing your favorite games without the hassle of leaving home. These games are available to all members at any time as well as technical support to assist you with any questions you may have concerning the downloading process, payment or membership benefits. Now you can choose from enjoying your favorite game, song or movie at any time!

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Free Apple iPad – Are These Promotions Real Or Just a Gimmick?

Ever since Apple released the iPad people all over the world have been raving about all the new apps and its capabilities while others are dying to get their hands on one. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spare $500 to keep up with technology.

If you have been online lately then you probably seen all the free iPad offers and are wondering are these promotions real or just a gimmick?. These offer are in the fact real deal, however there are fake ones out there, but they’re easy to spot out.

How to spot out the fakes

Fake offers usually use words like “win”. Let’s think about this, to win something means you have to enter for a contest in which 9 times out 10 you have to pay for something. No free product testing offer ask you to pay for something upfront, it wouldn’t be free if that was the case. If you have to pull out a credit card or enter your social security numbers stop immediately and do not take any further steps.

How to find the legitimate ones

Offers that are legitimate are quite easy to spot out also. Most of the time the page looks professional and all you have to do is enter your email or zip code to get started. Afterwards, you fill out some offers and then complete some surveys. Once everything is done they will ask you for your shipping address to send you your free apple iPad. Once it arrives at your front door all you have to do is test it, give feedback and then keep it.

*Note that you have to be a US resident and 18 years or older.


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Digital Pen Recorder: 3 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Are you thinking of investing in a digital pen recorder? If so, then you’ve come to right place. Digital Pen recorders have virtually revolutionized the entire process of note-taking and information processing. It’s about this subject that the subsequent paragraphs are targeted. After analyzing this article, the viewer should comprehend the key questions of how a digital pen recorder may benefit them.

Is There A Required Notepad?

Though technology has advanced to the stage that notepads are not typically required with digital pens, you may still find a number of solutions available that are delivered making use of their own Notepad. Although this technology is more mature, it’s still valid in certain situations. Generally, the digital pens desinged to use their unique Notepad tend to be more precise compared to the others, and they in all probability have a lower price tag. With that said, the convenience of being able to write on any kind of surface is usually more important compared to sacrificed accuracy and reduced cost.

Will It Accept Stand-alone, Hand Written Notes?

While this attribute is sometimes overlooked in the overall excitement, the opportunity to process handwritten records is still valuable to most customers of digital pens. We refer to those records that are not written on an bundled Notepad or on specialized paper, but are still regarded as valuable enough to be saved. In particular, students in Universities find this particular characteristic to be wonderfully useful in the note taking process. They may scribble at will understanding that their digital pen will be able to retrieve their records, download it to their PC, which can then be ready for additional examination.

Will It Capture Audio Recordings?

This might be the sexiest attribute in any digital pen recorder. In its substance, the product is basically an MP3 recorder embedded right into a pen-like unit. The worth should be obvious to us all, however in particular students ought to significantly profit by this sort of note-taking process. For as long as there were universities, there has been the challenge of effective note taking. Previously, students would have to determine whether to pay attention to their note-taking by itself, or concentrate on the spoken words. It was quite challenging to accomplish both successfully. Nonetheless, using a digital pen recorder that is so equipped, they can record the lecture, in addition to taking precise and more effective notes concurrently.


We’re confident that a digital pen recorder can be a beneficial tool to practically anybody who’s enrolled in higher education. When established appropriately,these recorders can do a lot to assist any and all individuals to process the academic material in a much more timely manner, thereby allowing for superior grades. Actually, it is virtually a fool-proof system because the user only needs to know how to write on paper. We think its fair to say that a digital pen recorder can be an educational lifesaver!

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The 3 Key Advantages Of The Livescribe Digital Pen

If you wish to learn more about the Livescribe Digital Pen then you have come to right place. Digital Pens in general, and the Livescribe brand in particular has basically revolutionized the process of automating the note taking and delivery market. It’s about this issue that the subsequent paragraphs are centered. After reading this article, the viewer should have an improved understanding of the value of Livescribe Digital Pens.

The Livescribe Digital Pen Writing Abilities

The Livescribe Echo offers the same writing features as its forerunner, and most other digital pens in the marketplace. All of them have the ability to make written comments in approximately the same fashion, because most pens are designed with the identical fundamental technology. Nevertheless, there are some modest improvements included with the new Echo like a smooth rubber grip that seems to be more comfortable. In addition, it features a flat surface on one side in order to halt the product from rolling off your table. Additionally, the Echo delivers expanded capacities; currently up to eight gig of flash memory.

The Livescribe Digital Pen Recording Abilities

The Echo comes with an intriguing feature which (so far as we know) is exclusive. We make reference to the capability to record audio information, store it in the gadget, and transfer it in addition to written data to your Computer system. With this feature, an enterprising student can record a lecture without having to take any kind of notes in any respect. Likewise, a businessman can take a quick snooze in a conference and still come away with detailed records of precisely what transpired. How awesome is that?

The Livescribe Digital PenTransfer Abilities

A chance to effectively transfer information is where the genuine value of any product within this category will be found. The Livescribe is unrivaled in its ability to capture, store, and subsequently download all relevant information so that it may be later reviewed, edited, and redistributed. These notes might be exported as PDFs, or as a word file. Eventually, it’s rumored that the iPad and iPhone should be able to play back these documents, and add video as well if preferred.


We’re assured that this product will be a beneficial resource to virtually everyone in the business community, in addition to university students who are looking to enhance their notetaking system. When set up correctly, the Livescribe can serve as a seamless interface to most business applications. The truth is, it is virtually a fool-proof technique because the user only needs to know how to write on paper. We believe it goes without saying that the Livescribe Digital Pen is a verifiable bargain for everyone.

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Dr. Dre Monster Beats Headphones

In my spare time when I’m not tinkering with computers and other fun gadgets, I’m a big music nut. Looking for quality headphones as I tend to travel a lot I kept hearing all the hype about Dr. Dre’s & Lady Gaga’s set of celebrity affiliated headphone line. So I decided to pick them up and give them a shot…this is my experience:


General Review


They’re very stylish – I get lots of questions as people notice them, especially girls, so if anything they’re a great conversation starter
They’re comfortable – The padding in the cuffs themselves are definitely top notch for this price range and they don’t irritate my sensitve ears as I tend to usually blast my music
They provide a pretty good balance in terms of sound and a nice thumping of bass (especially with Hip Hop)


They require 2 AAA Batteries
The packaging is a bit excessive
They are a tad big, but I don’t mind this


Technical Review


I thought all of the hype in quality was hear-say, but the sound quality is pretty impressive. Music at the sound rate of 128kbps to 192kbps that I tested (the average rate for most music) sounds INCREDIBLE for headphones
1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter with 24k gold contacts is included
Noise cancelling is available



The noise cancelling isn’t the best, but it’s tolerable. Unless i’m blasting music and in the zone, I ocassionaly hear noise


If you care to find out more about Dr. Dre’s Monster Beat Headphones or pick them up, check them out here (i got them super cheap for what they’re currently going at):

Also, another great set of headphones that I was torn between was the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Maybe this will be my next purchase, hmmm:

Hope this helps!




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ConfirmedTech is a full-time software developer, technological expert, and technological consultant who’s been involved and working with computers professionally for 15+ years.
He currently holds two degrees in Computer Science, a Bachelors of Science and a Masters in Engineering, from highly-acclaimed universities and has a vast amount of experience with computers, peripherals and various gadgets.
In his spare time, he enjoys  taking apart, assembling and reviewing all sorts of technological devices from phones, computers, peripherals and Internet services. His goal is to confirm technology (ConfirmTech) functions the way it’s intended to. More information can soon be found at
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Best Galaxy Tab offers

Best Galaxy Tab offers


What are the best Galaxy Tab offers currently available?

The Galaxy Tab boasts an impressive array of features, and seems set to be this years must have gadget.  Competing directly with the iPad, but also offering additional functionality including a front and back camera, the ability to play Adobe Flash, and mobile phone capability, our office have all been won over by the lightweight gadget.

So is the Galaxy Tab better than the iPad?  In terms of functionality, yes.  However, the main stumbling block appears to be the price.  The fact that the Galaxy Tab is both a tablet computer and a mobile phone means that we are expected to pay extravagant monthly mobile phone contracts in order to buy one.

The iPad by comparison does not require users to be tied down to mobile networks, which is the main reason why the WiFi only version has proved so popular.

As a means of comparison, the cheapest iPad can be brought for £429, whereas the cheapest sim free Galaxy Tab is almost £100 more expensive at £525.  And this comes as a relief considering the recommended retail price for the Galaxy Tab was initially £799!

It is expected that as the mobile networks fight to win market share the cost of the Galaxy Tab will fall.  However, if like us you are eager to have a Galaxy Tab right away the question remains – is the Galaxy Tab worth the extra money?

From our perspective the best Galaxy Tab offers are not from retailers, but rather from sites such as which are offering sim free Galaxy Tabs to consumers, free of charge.

So how does it work?  In order to get a free Galaxy Tab certain conditions must be met.  You must sign up to their website, and complete a trial period with one of their advertisers.  There are a range of trials to choose from such as renting films from LoveFilm, or placing a bet on the Coral website.  Many of their trials are free.

Once your trial has been completed, you are then expected to recommend the company to your friends and family.  If you bring in new customers, the firm will reward your word of mouth advertising by buying you a gift.  The deal is beneficial for both parties; they get new customers, you get new gifts!

Consequently, it seems to us that for the time being the best Galaxy Tab offers are to be found online, and not with the traditional retailers.  Sites such as are causing us to revaluate the way we view traditional retailers, and offer us a way to get the latest sought after gadgets for a fraction of the cost!



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Here Are 3 Key Advantages Of The Anoto Digital Pen

If you’d like to understand more about the Anoto Digital Pen then you have come to right place. Digital Pens generally speaking, and the Anoto brand name in particular has basically revolutionized the entire process of automating the note creating and delivery industry. It is about this subject matter that the subsequent paragraphs are focused. After examining this short article, the viewer really should have a much better knowledge of the worthiness of Anoto Digital Pens.

The Underlying Technology Of The Anoto Digital Pen

For all those visitors who have encountered the Livescribe pen, the Anoto is quite comparable in appearance. In addition, the root engineering is also virtually identical. The digital pen scans dot patterns within the page. There’s a tiny camera inside the Anoto that will identify the pattern. It employs the pattern to record all strokes of the pen and therefore to recognize the page that you’re focusing on. Once completed, the sync mechanism is applied and the written information is subsequently combined in to the initial document.

The Anoto Digital Pen Hardware

As outlined above, the Anoto digital pen is very similar to the Livescribe. Of course, the reason behind this is that Anoto had been the initial creator of this engineering, and supplied it to the company that produced Livescribe. The pen comes with an elliptical characteristic that should prevent it from rolling across the desk. It is able to turn itself on instantly in the event the cap is removed. This characteristic is especially valuable in the medical and health-related industries, which not coincidentally would be the 2 preliminary target markets for this merchandise.

The Software Included With The Anoto Digital Pen

In actuality, there are two applications which constitute the overall Anoto software bundle. One is called penDirector and the other is termed penDocuments. The penDirector is constantly running in your system tray. When docked, all information presently residing in the pen is routinely down loaded. This is actually the default setting, but could be overridden if desired.

When the information is downloaded, a software program called penDocuments takes over. This is actually the vehicle with which your own files are stored and managed. These records can be later printed on almost any respectable printer, while using the included Anoto printer driver.


We’re confident that this item is a beneficial resource to virtually any individual in the business community. Whenever set up correctly, it can function as a seamless interface to most business programs. Actually, it’s essentially a fool-proof program because the user merely would need to know how to write on paper. We think it’s obvious that the Anoto Digital Pen is a verifiable bargain.

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Downloadable Books For Your iPad

From paper book to iPad book is a huge step in progress. This technology will not only have an impact on the publishing and printing industry but on book stores and paper and magazine vendors. My favorite is that the forests of the world will be preserved, as just think of how much less paper the world will need. Downloadable books are indeed the answer to saving the forests.

Apple, the manufacturer of the iPad, has brought eReader books to the screen. Once you have read a book on the multi-touch screen you will not likely be buying paper backs again. You can download e books by means of the iBook app onto you iPad. Your eBook download can be done instantly once you have made a choice of the books you want. You can buy an eBook online or get many of them free on various websites. is one of these.

Publishers are not being left behind as they are all clamoring to get their books as downloadable eBooks. Literally thousands of e books from all categories are available online. The big rush is now to get textbooks for colleges and universities on iPad. This is not only an advanced way for students to utilize their textbooks, but is a back saver for them as well. Just think, no more lugging a bag full of books around with you on campus, you will only have to have your slim iPad tucked under your arm.

The user friendly iPad turns non readers into readers. You can navigate from one page to the next by the touch of a button. You can bookmark your page and even note and highlight it. Reading on a screen is far more enjoyable than on paper pages as you can adjust the font size and the lighting to suit you. The folds in the carrying case are in just the right places so that it can become a stand for your iPad. Now you will not have to rest it on your stomach while reading.

To download iPad eBooks check out ==>>

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