Best Galaxy Tab offers

Best Galaxy Tab offers


What are the best Galaxy Tab offers currently available?

The Galaxy Tab boasts an impressive array of features, and seems set to be this years must have gadget.  Competing directly with the iPad, but also offering additional functionality including a front and back camera, the ability to play Adobe Flash, and mobile phone capability, our office have all been won over by the lightweight gadget.

So is the Galaxy Tab better than the iPad?  In terms of functionality, yes.  However, the main stumbling block appears to be the price.  The fact that the Galaxy Tab is both a tablet computer and a mobile phone means that we are expected to pay extravagant monthly mobile phone contracts in order to buy one.

The iPad by comparison does not require users to be tied down to mobile networks, which is the main reason why the WiFi only version has proved so popular.

As a means of comparison, the cheapest iPad can be brought for £429, whereas the cheapest sim free Galaxy Tab is almost £100 more expensive at £525.  And this comes as a relief considering the recommended retail price for the Galaxy Tab was initially £799!

It is expected that as the mobile networks fight to win market share the cost of the Galaxy Tab will fall.  However, if like us you are eager to have a Galaxy Tab right away the question remains – is the Galaxy Tab worth the extra money?

From our perspective the best Galaxy Tab offers are not from retailers, but rather from sites such as which are offering sim free Galaxy Tabs to consumers, free of charge.

So how does it work?  In order to get a free Galaxy Tab certain conditions must be met.  You must sign up to their website, and complete a trial period with one of their advertisers.  There are a range of trials to choose from such as renting films from LoveFilm, or placing a bet on the Coral website.  Many of their trials are free.

Once your trial has been completed, you are then expected to recommend the company to your friends and family.  If you bring in new customers, the firm will reward your word of mouth advertising by buying you a gift.  The deal is beneficial for both parties; they get new customers, you get new gifts!

Consequently, it seems to us that for the time being the best Galaxy Tab offers are to be found online, and not with the traditional retailers.  Sites such as are causing us to revaluate the way we view traditional retailers, and offer us a way to get the latest sought after gadgets for a fraction of the cost!



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