Dr. Dre Monster Beats Headphones

In my spare time when I’m not tinkering with computers and other fun gadgets, I’m a big music nut. Looking for quality headphones as I tend to travel a lot I kept hearing all the hype about Dr. Dre’s & Lady Gaga’s set of celebrity affiliated headphone line. So I decided to pick them up and give them a shot…this is my experience:


General Review


They’re very stylish – I get lots of questions as people notice them, especially girls, so if anything they’re a great conversation starter
They’re comfortable – The padding in the cuffs themselves are definitely top notch for this price range and they don’t irritate my sensitve ears as I tend to usually blast my music
They provide a pretty good balance in terms of sound and a nice thumping of bass (especially with Hip Hop)


They require 2 AAA Batteries
The packaging is a bit excessive
They are a tad big, but I don’t mind this


Technical Review


I thought all of the hype in quality was hear-say, but the sound quality is pretty impressive. Music at the sound rate of 128kbps to 192kbps that I tested (the average rate for most music) sounds INCREDIBLE for headphones
1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter with 24k gold contacts is included
Noise cancelling is available



The noise cancelling isn’t the best, but it’s tolerable. Unless i’m blasting music and in the zone, I ocassionaly hear noise


If you care to find out more about Dr. Dre’s Monster Beat Headphones or pick them up, check them out here (i got them super cheap for what they’re currently going at): http://shrinkmylink.com/divhton

Also, another great set of headphones that I was torn between was the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Maybe this will be my next purchase, hmmm: http://shrinkmylink.com/eivhton

Hope this helps!




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