Here Are 3 Key Advantages Of The Anoto Digital Pen

If you’d like to understand more about the Anoto Digital Pen then you have come to right place. Digital Pens generally speaking, and the Anoto brand name in particular has basically revolutionized the entire process of automating the note creating and delivery industry. It is about this subject matter that the subsequent paragraphs are focused. After examining this short article, the viewer really should have a much better knowledge of the worthiness of Anoto Digital Pens.

The Underlying Technology Of The Anoto Digital Pen

For all those visitors who have encountered the Livescribe pen, the Anoto is quite comparable in appearance. In addition, the root engineering is also virtually identical. The digital pen scans dot patterns within the page. There’s a tiny camera inside the Anoto that will identify the pattern. It employs the pattern to record all strokes of the pen and therefore to recognize the page that you’re focusing on. Once completed, the sync mechanism is applied and the written information is subsequently combined in to the initial document.

The Anoto Digital Pen Hardware

As outlined above, the Anoto digital pen is very similar to the Livescribe. Of course, the reason behind this is that Anoto had been the initial creator of this engineering, and supplied it to the company that produced Livescribe. The pen comes with an elliptical characteristic that should prevent it from rolling across the desk. It is able to turn itself on instantly in the event the cap is removed. This characteristic is especially valuable in the medical and health-related industries, which not coincidentally would be the 2 preliminary target markets for this merchandise.

The Software Included With The Anoto Digital Pen

In actuality, there are two applications which constitute the overall Anoto software bundle. One is called penDirector and the other is termed penDocuments. The penDirector is constantly running in your system tray. When docked, all information presently residing in the pen is routinely down loaded. This is actually the default setting, but could be overridden if desired.

When the information is downloaded, a software program called penDocuments takes over. This is actually the vehicle with which your own files are stored and managed. These records can be later printed on almost any respectable printer, while using the included Anoto printer driver.


We’re confident that this item is a beneficial resource to virtually any individual in the business community. Whenever set up correctly, it can function as a seamless interface to most business programs. Actually, it’s essentially a fool-proof program because the user merely would need to know how to write on paper. We think it’s obvious that the Anoto Digital Pen is a verifiable bargain.

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