The 3 Key Advantages Of The Livescribe Digital Pen

If you wish to learn more about the Livescribe Digital Pen then you have come to right place. Digital Pens in general, and the Livescribe brand in particular has basically revolutionized the process of automating the note taking and delivery market. It’s about this issue that the subsequent paragraphs are centered. After reading this article, the viewer should have an improved understanding of the value of Livescribe Digital Pens.

The Livescribe Digital Pen Writing Abilities

The Livescribe Echo offers the same writing features as its forerunner, and most other digital pens in the marketplace. All of them have the ability to make written comments in approximately the same fashion, because most pens are designed with the identical fundamental technology. Nevertheless, there are some modest improvements included with the new Echo like a smooth rubber grip that seems to be more comfortable. In addition, it features a flat surface on one side in order to halt the product from rolling off your table. Additionally, the Echo delivers expanded capacities; currently up to eight gig of flash memory.

The Livescribe Digital Pen Recording Abilities

The Echo comes with an intriguing feature which (so far as we know) is exclusive. We make reference to the capability to record audio information, store it in the gadget, and transfer it in addition to written data to your Computer system. With this feature, an enterprising student can record a lecture without having to take any kind of notes in any respect. Likewise, a businessman can take a quick snooze in a conference and still come away with detailed records of precisely what transpired. How awesome is that?

The Livescribe Digital PenTransfer Abilities

A chance to effectively transfer information is where the genuine value of any product within this category will be found. The Livescribe is unrivaled in its ability to capture, store, and subsequently download all relevant information so that it may be later reviewed, edited, and redistributed. These notes might be exported as PDFs, or as a word file. Eventually, it’s rumored that the iPad and iPhone should be able to play back these documents, and add video as well if preferred.


We’re assured that this product will be a beneficial resource to virtually everyone in the business community, in addition to university students who are looking to enhance their notetaking system. When set up correctly, the Livescribe can serve as a seamless interface to most business applications. The truth is, it is virtually a fool-proof technique because the user only needs to know how to write on paper. We believe it goes without saying that the Livescribe Digital Pen is a verifiable bargain for everyone.

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