Heineken Beertenders- Whets the Best Beertender for Heineken keg Beer

If you a Heineken drinker and looking for a table top Beertender, beetenders are for anyone that enjoys their Heineken beer. No taste can compare to a freshly ice cold poured draft in your own home. With a Heineken beertender you can have your fresh beer anytime you want. It will really be a hit with the friends.

Why would I even want a beertender for my Heineken kegs?

The Reason why real beer drinker has a beertender is simple. Many people like to drink at home or have wives that are fed up with them being in bars. That’s why many avid beer drinkers will have to resort to caned beers or bottle. But they have no longer had to.

The can now enjoy the cool crisp taste with a beertender. These are real benefits for the avid beer drinker. There are many other befits to having your beer through a beertender.


Well here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your Heineken beertender.

Well most of the best beer tenders keep your Heineken cold but most times they will take a while to cool down hot beer.

So if you want to keep it at the right temperature I suggest you at you Heineken keg while it’s cold then the beertender will keep it at that temperature. So if it is not possible to get a cold keg just pop it in the fried when it arrives to chill out first. This will make it cool down faster. Many Heineken beertenders will show the temperature of your beer.

Once you got the hang of it, you should always keep some stocks of kegs. No use having a beertender when it’s empty. So keep about 3 handy, you never know when you going to need them.

Other things you should keep in mind when trying to get the best taste out of beer.


Always use a clean glass.
Pour the beer at an angle to not make it over foamy.
Use a draft beer they will always give you a comparable better taste.



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