The New Macbook Air – Does It Live Up To The Hype

The New Macbook Air – What are the reasons to get one?

Is it the Multi-Touch Trackpad with its extremely stylish control method that will make you look fancy-schmancy in Starbucks while writing your ‘novel’.

Is it the 7 hours of battery life or the instant start-up?

Is it the slim good looks and the fact that it’s delivered in an envelope, making you the envy of everyone who sees you with it?

Or is it the simple fact that having every single new product by Apple has become an addictive pastime for people.

Having a regular laptop is pretty passe, unless maybe it’s an Alienware.  But a New Macbook Air is something special, it’s super high tech.

Never mind that it’s gonna get hot if you actually rest it on your lap or that it’s really expensive, having a New Macbook Air is the equivalent of having an Aston Martin while everyone else is driving a Honda.

What you have to look at is what you want a laptop for.  It’s for convenience and portability right?  So smaller is better?  Yes, of course.

You will find this a joy to carry with you and a pleasure to open up.  Apple have done it again with intuitive design and the simple genius of everything from the keyboard to the oustanding quality screen to ease of using Apple software.

You don’t make you special to own the New Macbook Air, but it’s about the only thing it doesn’t do.

Read on to see how to get a FREE Macbook Air.


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A recent Apple convert, the author writes about gym bags for women on his absolutely FREE Macbook Air.
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