Finding the Perfect Gift For the Guy Who Loves Gadgets

The hardest part about finding the perfect gift for the guy who loves gadgets is finding something you know he doesn’t already have, and will still appreciate and use. There are ways to figure this out without being obvious and tipping him off, however. The method I find works best is looking is looking for electronics in specific areas.


So, for instance, the first area you can look around is his household. Unlike with items like a personal gaming system that he’ll keep hidden away, you can look for things like LED faucet lights in his kitchen and bathroom. These types of lights, once installed, will make hot water run red and cold water run blue. A guy who loves gadgets will appreciate this unique gift, and a way to add some technology to an area he might not have thought of on his own. Another fun household item would be a toy robot that he could have running around his living room.


Another area you can look into is his car. If you can take a ride in his car you’ll be able to see what he already has, and hopefully, what it is he’s missing. There are three key examples for fun car gadgets. The first one is a blue tooth headset, so he can talk on his cell phone hands free. Another is satellite radio–these can be installed on a screen in your car, or a portable hand held receiver. These receivers can be plugged into the speaker in your vehicle, or take around with you when you’re talking around. The third vehicle idea is a GPS. A global positioning system can be hooked permanently into the dashboard, or hooked up with a suction cup on the dash. They’ve improved a lot in recent years, both in affordability and functionality. This is something the guy who loves gadgets will find himself using on a regular basis.


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