Free Apple iPad – Become an iPad Tester and Keep Absolutely It Free

Did you know that you can get a Free Apple iPad just for testing it? I’m talking brand new without spending your hard earn money. I’m sure everyone would love to have it, but unfortunately can’t afford to spend $500 just to keep up with technology. I know what you’re probably wondering “is this really possible and if so, is it legit”. Well keep reading if you truly want to find out.

If you’re like many, then your first thought might be that this is some sort of scam. It’s understandable; it’s not every day that someone tells you that you can get something absolutely free without it being illegal. However these offers are the real deal.

Unfortunately there are scams out there that will lure you in with promises to get a Free Apple iPad, but they’re false. If you have to whip out a credit card for any reason leave that site immediately. So why are testers? If you were to take your time and do some research you will discover that many large companies like apple need the consumers (me and you) to test out there products. Why? Well, they need feedback from the consumers to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of their products functions and future sales.

Finding a legitimate offer is quite easy to spot out. These websites has a professional look and all you have to do enter your zip code to get started. Next is to fill out some offers and surveys required. Afterwards all you have to do is fill out your shipping address so you can receive your Free Apple iPad. Once it arrives through the mail your final steps are to test it, give feedback and keep it, simple as that.

*Note that you have to be a US resident and 18 years or older.


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