Oh @$&%! Get a FREE iPad!

When the iPad came out I was really excited! I know it’s funny, but I just think of it as a huge iPhone/iPod touch. Basically is. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could win a free iPad. I looked online and found this site. It’s simple to use, just enter your cell number and get your pin. It’s very easy.

The internet has a lot of resources. Freebie sites are my favorite though. Who doesn’t like to get free stuff? Even signing up is satisfying. Have you ever wanted to get something free with no work? Getting a free iPad is just like that!

It’s probably the only place you can get a free iPad. In fact they are very limited and if you have a cellphone you could get one today! You should go to the site and claim your free iPad. Just hurry up because it won’t be long before people grab them all up!

The iPad is very, very cool. I just got mine today [the free iPad from this site] and I’m surfing the internet and looking through all the features. The cool thing for me is the internet. I like being able to surf anywhere. You can do quite a bit. You’ll find out if you win your free iPad. Good luck!

Yes, I like to say iPad. It just sounds AWESOME! Why are you still reading this?

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