Did Microsoft fixed the Red Ring of Death in the new Xbox 360 Slim for real?

We already mentioned this in a former article:

“Technically, there is no Red Ring of Death on the new Xbox Slim console. This is because Microsoft has changed the way in which errors are now reported. Instead of red lights, there is now a red flash on the open button to show when there’s an error.

The Xbox 360 Slim has still been known to fail, just like the old Xbox 360 did. However, the failure rate has been reduced although Microsoft are not generally open about the exact percentage of their machines that do fail.”

But a lot of readers asked us for a more detailed coverage about this issue. Why? Because they want to be 100% sure of whether buying a Xbox 360 slim or not.

Right now, the Xbox 360 Slim detects when it’s overheating and shows a new warning screen advising users to turn off the box.

xbox 360 slim

Another improvements include a new chip by Valhalla, a 45-nanometer chip designed with integrated CPU and GPU. The redesigned chip improves energy consumption by as much as half in some cases. This chip is cooled with a single, new cooler, more efficient than its predecessor at the old Xbox. So a better cooler, an improved processor requiring less energy and generating less heat, and a warning system should do the trick…
But still hard core gamers ask themselves: What if I want to play all day, my house has not the better conditioning conditions, or just happens to be a hot day in the middle of the summer?

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