Nevada Election Results 2010: Harry Reid wins

Harry Reid A winner has finally emerged, Senate Harry Reid beats Sharron Angle. It was a knock-down battle for Reid, who has been under constant attack since becoming Republican Senate Majority Leader in 2007.

“All voters in line at that site as of 7 PM will be allowed to cast their votes,” a statement by Ross Miller from Nevada Secretary of State office said. There still no results of any races can be reported until all polling station across the state have been closed.

Democrats at party headquarters in Las Vegas leapt to their feet amid huge cheers when multiple news organizations began to call the race for Reid.

Sharron Angle, despite campaign endorsements from Senator John McCain and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was unable to win the Senate seat. She was seen as the “Face of the Tea Party” and her defeat was a victory for President Obama, whose agenda has been more and more threatened by the tea party agenda.

Neither candidate seemed to convince the Nevada voters to be able to fix the state’s severe economic troubles, including the country’s highest unemployment rate and the real estate market that has fallen off a cliff.

Finally, Nevada voters as they choose Senator knows, but the feisty challenger.

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