Medium Season 7 Episode 7-Native Tongue (s07e07)

Medium Season 7 Episode 7Watch Medium Season 7 Episode 7 live stream. Medium s07e07 with title “Native Tongue” will be aired on Friday, November 5th 2010 at  8:00pm via CW Channel

What’s in store for us in this episode of  Medium Season 7 Episode 7 Native Tongue? read the episode summary below :

When she becomes unable to understand the spoken word, Allison develops an unexpected friendship with a linguist; Joe reaches the limits of his patience being married to a woman who is a slave to her visions.

The episode description certainly makes you want to watch and find out what happens. So guys don’t fail to watch Medium Season 7 Episode 7!

Watch Medium s07e07  Native Tongue Spoiler/Preview:

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