Watch Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 4: Trial of Blood (s03e04)

sanctuary season 3 episode 4A brand new episode of Sanctuary season 3 awaits fans of the show today. Here’s another great episode of your favorite television program which will surely captivate your imagination. We’ve got the sneak peak into the latest episode of  Sanctuary season 3 episode 4 Trial of Blood:

Summary: Nikola Tesla sends a distress call to the team, and they track him to the Colombian highlands, where they encounter deadly multipedes. Meanwhile, Bigfoot and Kate learn that a long-time friend has been murdered in Old City.

Watch Sanctuary season 3 episode 4 – s03e04 “Trial of Blood”, Original air date November 5, 2010 on Syfy.

The series is set in the fictional city of Old City and follows 157-year-old scientist, Helen Magnus, and her team: daughter Ashley, protege Will Zimmerman, Henry Foss, and an aptly named “Bigfoot.” The Sanctuary team assumes the mission of tracking “Abnormals,” (specially gifted humans and creatures) and bringing them to the Sanctuary for the dual purpose of protecting the public as well as the Abnormals themselves.

Watch here Sanctuary s03e04 Trial of Blood Preview:

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