Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7 “Family Matters” (s06e07)

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7Another great episode of  Supernatural Season 6 Episode  7 will come your way.  Supernatural Season 6  Episode 7 is hitting your television on Friday, November 5th 2010 at 9:00pm on The CW Channel.   Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7 is entitled “Family Matters.”

What awaits all viewers in this week’s episode? Here is brief  Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7 Family Matters  preview / synopsis: “Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel’s motives, but Sam isn’t sold on the idea that their grandfather is doing anything wrong. The brothers go along on a hunt with Samuel and the other Campbells, but things go terribly awry.”

Don’t forget to watch Supernatural s06e07 “Family Matters”, this episode will absolutely bring your television viewing into maximum satisfaction. Again just to remind you, watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7 live stream on Nov.5, 9 pm via CW channel.

Take a look at Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7: Family Matters Promo video:

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