What Does The 3 Red Rings On My Xbox 360 Mean?

What Does The 3 Red Rings On My Xbox 360 Mean?

This is actually meant to help all of the guys suffering from the same problem that I had, which was the 3 red rings on my Xbox 360.  My story goes a few months back. I  bought my Xbox 360 and I was actually able to play my favorite sport games like Fight Night and UFC. But then, I started noticing this crazy red light thing that I actually realized that this is already the so-called  red ring of death! At first I thought, you have to be crazy to put something like this on your console and expect people to buy it from your company. But as it turned out, its actually true! My $200 worth of Xbox 360 is a time bomb waiting to be done.

It was after two months or so when my Xbox 360 was completely wrecked and destroyed. If you ask me, that’s one obvious way to get robbed with your $200. So what did I do next? Please if you are in the right mind, don’t do what I did. I gave Microsoft a call since I was really desperate with the unit I bought. So after a few minutes of talking to them, I learned that it will cost me around $110 to $140 maximum plus the shipping cost. After hearing the price of their services, I was actually hysterical and of course broke. Who would have thought that after buying a $200 console; you’d actually end up paying more than a hundred bucks in repair.

It was delivered back to me 4 weeks after. The problem was gone for a few weeks. But then again, the problem was back! So I was really getting pissed. And what I did was to just remove the Xbox 360 rather than end up grumpy all week.

So, I told my friend this problem I had. He told me that it was the exact same thing that actually happened to him. The difference is that, he didn’t give away his hundred bucks Microsoft! He told me that he actually saved a lot of money by only looking at this video that told him how to repair his Xbox 360 red light problems. This friend of mine doesn’t play games when it comes to issues regarding his Xbox 360. He makes sure that he gets what he wants and plays his damn game. So I really told myself to at least give it a try. The video was easy to understand. It was really cunning, if you think of it though I was at first really skeptical with the way it was being repaired. But after doing it for 45 minutes, I discovered that I was actually doing it right.

As of today, it’s already 5 months since I fixed my Xbox. And thanks to the manual, I was able to save a lot of money from going to Microsoft again. I really hope that you guys will do the same thing as my friend did.

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