Watch Undercovers Season 15 Episode 10: Crashed (s10e08) online free

Undercovers Season 15 Episode 10Watch Undercovers Season 15 Episode 10 s01e08 Crashed Free Online Stream which is schedule to air on Wednesday, November 10th 2010 08:00 pm only on NBC Channel. Before I give the preview on this episode, let me give first some information about the Undercovers TV series.

Undercovers description:

Undercovers is a spy drama that sees a husband and wife coming out of retirement to rejoin the ranks of the CIA as agents. Part Mr. & Mrs. Smith, part Bourne Identity, JJ Abrams returns to the spy genre in style.


Undercovers stars Boris Kodjoe (‘Soul Food’) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (‘Doctor Who’) as Steven and Samantha Bloom, married retired CIA agents who now run a catering business. Alas, they are pulled back into action by a case that hits close to home. Gerald McRaney (‘Major Dad’) plays their agency boss, while Jessica Parker Kennedy (‘Smallville’) is Samantha’s sister.

Channel: NBC
Genre: Drama
Premiered: September 22 2010

Theme: Spy
Runtime: 60Min

And now here’s a sneak peak into the latest episode of Undercovers Season 15.

In Undercovers Season 15 Episode 10 we would see Samantha and Steven must find a man with a bomb but face unexpected challenges; Shaw wonders how much time he has left before the Blooms become suspicious.

You can  Watch Undercovers Season 15 Episode 10: Crashed here for free. Just bookmark this page and visit it again when the free streaming video is available.

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