GTA San Andreas – How to get the Phoenix at the very beginning of the game – NO CHEATS and no mods

Watch in High Quality This video is part of a series of videos that demonstrate how to obtain rare vehicles from the Vigilante Mission: 1) How to obtain the Hotknife 2) How to obtain the Phoenix 3) How to obtain the Euros 4) How to obtain the Turismo 5) How to obtain the Hustler This is simple demonstration showing how to get the Phoenix at thevery beginning of the game. NO CHEATS and no mods were used. This is a completely legitimate game. PC Version 1.0 The Saved Game of this video can be downloaded here: This is for PC users only… you can load it up and play it on your PC. Do you have v2.0? Here’s a link for people with v2.0 to play v1.0 saved-games (made by Ryan): Here’s a link for the Easy Script Switcher, to swap between v1.0 and v2.0 (made by rubregg): There are no edits in this video… what you see is what actually happened. Here are the details: The video starts off as a new game… Carl is in the alley where Tenpenny and Polaski through him out of there police car. He only has 0. First I found a couple of cops in a Police Car and hi-jacked their car. You’ll notice that one of the cops pulls Carl from the vehicle without busting him, it happens from time to time… it seems that when the crime isn’t that severe, one of the cops will try to bust Carl, and the other(s) walk around like nothing’s wrong; in this case

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