Watch Undercovers Season 15 Episode 9: Leo’s Lost Night (s01e09) online free

Watch Undercovers Season 15 Episode 9 s01e09 Leo’s Lost Night Free Online Stream which is schedule to air on Wednesday, November 17th 2010 08:00 pm only on NBC Channel. Before I give the preview on this episode, let me give first some information about the Undercovers TV series.

Undercovers description:

Undercovers is a spy drama that sees a husband and wife coming out of retirement to rejoin the ranks of the CIA as agents. Part Mr. & Mrs. Smith, part Bourne Identity, JJ Abrams returns to the spy genre in style.


Undercovers stars Boris Kodjoe (‘Soul Food’) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (‘Doctor Who’) as Steven and Samantha Bloom, married retired CIA agents who now run a catering business. Alas, they are pulled back into action by a case that hits close to home. Gerald McRaney (‘Major Dad’) plays their agency boss, while Jessica Parker Kennedy (‘Smallville’) is Samantha’s sister.

Channel: NBC
Genre: Drama
Premiered: September 22 2010

Theme: Spy
Runtime: 60Min

And now here’s a sneak peak into the latest episode of Undercovers Season 15.

In Undercovers Season 15 Episode 9 we would see Leo is shocked when he wakes up in a hotel in Mexico with a dead woman next to him and no memory of what happened. Steven, Samantha and Hoyt travel south of the border in hopes of putting the pieces together to prove Leo’s innocence.

You can  Watch Undercovers Season 15 Episode 9: Leo’s Lost Night here for free. Just bookmark this page and visit it again when the free streaming video is available.

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