GTA – How to get into and out of Area 69 at the very beginning of the game – NO CHEATS and no mods

Watch in High Quality First, I want to emphasize that NO CHEATS and no mods were used to achieve this. I recently stumbled upon a YouTube video that showed how to get inside Area 69. This video was created by a person that simply goes by hdsgf. He discovered a glitch that allows you to enter Area 69 in a very easy and simple fashion. Here’s the link to his video He was able to get in, but couldn’t figure a way to get back out. My first thought was to use GTA_Phreaks Black Project Revisited video as a way of getting out; which works like a charm However, instead of that, I have discovered how to get out of Area 69 without using a Jetpack; it basically uses hdsgf’s entrance technique in reverse. First, to get inside Area 69, you need to have a Freeway motorbike… I have tried all of the other motorbikes, and none of them work… this glitch only works with a Freeway. Here’s a list of the vehicles that I used to try this glitch with (and none of them worked): NRG-500 PCJ-600 BF-400 FCR-900 Faggio Pizzaboy Sanchez Wayfarer plus I also tried a Mountain Bike (this was the only pedal bike that I tried) The Freeway is the only vehicle that this glitch works with. Next, you need to drive the Freeway into Area 69, and then park it next to the ventilation shaft, the same shaft used during the mission Black Project. It needs to be parked so that Carl will exit the Freeway so that he is standing on the grating at the top of the shaft

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