How to Hack/Cheat almost any Flash Game (Netlog, Facebook, …) Update 3/12/09: Netlog updated the game and obfuscated the code, hence new hex values are needed (scroll down) The current version you get from Netlog look totally different compared to the version you see in the video, but I hope you can still use it as example how the hacking Flash games generally works. (Hey, Suckolino are you stupid enough to copy my values from 3/12/ again?!) Update 19/11/09: If you don’t follow the tutorial step by step and want to try the cheat right ahead use this values for search and replace use: 2561cb02d211270000 4b61cb02d211270000* *Personal note: It’s no fun to see as*h*les stealing my work without credits. One of them even copied a non-working value from this description (value now corrected) and did not even notice it does not work very well. First he created copycats of my videos released prior to this. He learned how to cheat at Netlog games from this tutorial and since than the SWF decompiler is visible on his desktop. But that not evidence enough for as*sh*le to admit the stealing. I wanted to share knowledge, but I can’t get used to the fact that wannabes just grab what they want and pretend it’s there own work. The software used in the video: HxD: Compress/Decompress SWF-Files: SWF Decompiler: — Of course there are other products that work just as well. Decompiler and Decompresser: My favorite Hex editor: A cool Action/AIR

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