iPad Demonstration 27/1/10

Demonstration – If you Skip through “Apple has taken the middle ground, but ground not walked upon before,” claimed Steve Jobs as his company launched one of the most anticipated products in years. The rumours about the launch of a tablet-style device from Apple have been circulating the web since 2004 when, according to Gizmodo, Apple filed a patent for a European design trademark on a device that looked like “an iBook screen minus the body of the computer.” However, this evening, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Steve Jobs was finally able to unveil the iPad — the announcement for which, he was overhead telling colleagues just days ago, would be “the most important thing I’ve ever done.” With only a short preamble, Jobs stated: “Everyone uses a laptop and/or a smartphone. The question has arisen lately: Is there room for a third category device in the middle?” Apple believed so. But it set itself the task of creating a device that is “better than the laptop and better than the smart phone.” A specification was set for a device that will “do browsing, email, photos, video, music, games and e-books,” he said, but faster and better than all of the devices out there. On first glance, the iPad — which should be on sale in the UK by March — looks like an oversized iPhone, but houses a 9.7-inch LCD display. However, continuing the mantra that thin is best, it has a 0.5-inch girth and weighs 700g. It’s “thinner and lighter than any netbook” claimed a

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