Watch Private Practice Season 4 Episode 9:Can’t Findy My Way Back Home (s04e09) online free

A new episode for Private Practice is about to unfold. Watch Private Practice Season 4 Episode 9 entitled “Can’t Findy My Way Back Home” on Thursday, November 18th 2010, at 9:00 pm on ABC Channel.

What awaits all viewers in this week’s episode? Here is brief  summary of PrivatePractice Season 4 Episode 9 “Can’t Findy My Way Back Home” (s04e09):

In this episode, “Despite Charlotte’s way of dealing with the aftermath of her sexual assault, her fellow doctors think they know what’s best, teaming up to pursue criminal charges against her attacker. Meanwhile, Pete gets a surprise visitor, his estranged brother, who has come to ask Pete to help release their sick mother from prison.”

Don’t forget to watch Private Practice s04e09, this episode will absolutely bring your television viewing into maximum satisfaction. Enjoy watching!

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