Watch Supernanny Season 7 Episode 3:Swift Family (s07e03) online free

Watch Supernanny Season 7 Episode 3 live stream. Supernanny Season 7 Episode 1 with title “Swift Family” will be aired on Friday, November 19th 2010 8:00pm on ABC.

Read our preview below to see what’s in store for us in this episode, of Supernanny Swift Family s07e03:

“The Swift Family has five children ranging from 11-years-old to 9-months. Jenny is a stay-at-home who enlists the help of her mother, who is very strict, and a nanny, Kadie, who is confused with how to discipline the children. With so many different authorities, the kids act differently with each one and are often unruly and dangerous. Can Super Nanny help this situation?”

The episode description certainly makes you want to watch and find out what happens. So guys don’t fail to watch Supernanny Season 7 Episode 3! You can  Watch Supernanny Season 7 Episode 3: Swift Family here for free. Just bookmark this page and visit it again when the freestreaming video is available.

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