Bowling Buddies (facebook app) Perfect Round 12 strikes tutorial ,No Bot or Cheat Needed. READ DESCRIPTION FOR FULL DEATAILS AND LEARNING HOW TO DO IT.

For a perfect round which is 12 strikes = 300 need to: 1.Have mouse with a wheel in middle. 2.mozilla firefox is recommended. 3.after this u need to go 2 facebook. your app ie bowling buddies. make sure u set the game to 2D option for easiness 4rm lower rite corner. your default ball in blue color from customization . 7.notice white spots in game play which r on blue ball 8.the white spot which is on the top left end of ball is less visible mak sure u find that spot for 300. 9.aftr finding your browser should be as half as in this video . hold the ball with mouse and then make the same white spot a little left to the middle line of bowling way. 11.when held like that rotate mouse wheel rotate in front and keeep ur mouse steady the ball will go a strike . 12.if ur successful it is ok 13. if not then read this whole again and practice again. u will get it. 14.ENJOYYYYYYYYYY 15.Guaranteed 1OO% percent sucess.. video carefully ……. 17. no need 4 buying those costly bots which r just a piece of programming. 18.AH HOPE IT WAS HELPFULLLLLLL.

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