Electronics China: GPS Receiver USB Adapter for Computers (Netbook, Laptop, UMPC)

Visit the website: www.electronicschinawholesale.com You will find much more. GPS Receiver USB Adapter for Computers (Netbook, Laptop, UMPC). Transform your laptop into a GPS navigator! This GPS Receiver USB Adapter for Computers is a compact, accurate GPS receiver with low power consumption that plugs into your computer’s USB port. This receiver is suitable for all the applications of a traditional GPS receiver including planning your trip before you head out or finding your location while you are camping. All you need is (1) the CVGI-B07 GPS dongle; (2) a computer; (3) GPS navigation software**; and (4) a destination. After installing the receiver and the necessary software, you can find your location right on your laptop. The GPS receiver takes its power from the PC it is attached to, so there are no extra wires or cables to tie you down.Become an High-earning with the chinavasion wholesale affiliates program. Actually I earn around 00 USD per month! For all details click on (affiliates program)in: www.electronicschinawholesale.com streaming, downloads, youtube, prank accident, video game, cellphone, cellular, mobile phone, amigo, quad, band, gsm, gms, quadband, dual sim, sim, wifi, qwerty, keyboard, nokia, blackberry, blueberry, e63, e71, n71, iphone, iphones, smartphone, mypad, ypad, ipad, windows,free, GPS Receiver, gps navigator, usb gps

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