Final fantasy xiv- General review

Like most new online video games that happen to break into retail, the 1st impressions can break an absolutely long lasting gamer base. By having a fantastic world and even well dressed characters it won’t really matter if the game bites. Luckily, for developers- Square Enix & their very own development team, everything is fine! Below you will find the reasons why ffxiv play will put thousand of smiles on your face.

The best highlight that revolutionized ffxiv gameplay has to do with the so unique Armor system. The best part is, once you evolve regarding characters, you are not even stuck just inside the many limitations of a basic single class. Going for other professions is also very easy just like witching the whole equipment. What you will be wearing will decide your specific class!


Final fantasy xiv has a magnificent versatility level. You don’t need to create several characters; you can easily enjoy the real depth of the many different social classes.


It doesn’t matter if your computer is not a top machine! It doesn’t need to be a top of the line gaming system.  Yet, if it is a junk, odds are you won´t be able to play. You must ensure that it has at least the minimum requirements to run the game correctly. You can change settings without problem so don’t worry about that! If you follow each download step properly, the setup will work out just fine! Get ready to enjoy many hours of final fantasy xxiv!

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