Anne Curtis takes MRT to make it to Kylie concert

Photo shared on Anne's Twitter account

For the love of Kylie Minogue, Anne Curtis rode the MRT.

Anne who just arrived from Australia went straight to watch Kylie’s Aphrodite 2011 Tour Live In Manila concert amidst heavy traffic. Running late for the show, the Kapamilya actress chose the best, fastest and most practical means of transportation available: an MRT ride to Cubao station.

“Hulaan nyo Kung nasaan ako para makahabol kay #Kylie? :p” she tweeted to her over one million followers on July 5.

A standing Anne as seen in the picture assured her Twitter followers that she’s safe with her assistant Maryann.

“I’m in the girls area! They’re all nice! Swerte daw ako at hindi masyado siksikan! :)” she began. “Don’t worry guys! I’m with my angel Maryann! And mababait lahat ng girls! D magulo! Picture picture taking lang at chikahan!”

She also approved of MRT’s men and women segregation.

“I like the fact that there’s a ladies and men’s section! Thumbs up!,” she wrote.

And when Anne finally saw Kylie in her “Aphrodite 2011 Tour Live in Manila” concert at the Araneta Coliseum, she knew her MRT ride was all worth it.

“She is absolutely beautiful! Tunay na Dyosa!,” she tweeted.

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