Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is a very nice film based on a short story by author Philip K. Dick. It is a science fiction love story about a man so hopelessly in love with a woman that he’s willing to go up against God to have her. A man who just won’t accept what the fates have in store for him. The movie which is somewhat religious raised some questions about life’s destiny. Do we have freewill? Do we control our destiny? Can we truly change the trajectory of our lives or there are unseen forces who can manipulate us?

In the movie, David Norris ( Matt Damon) is a New York politician who loses a bid for the senate seat. On election night he meets a strange woman at the hotel at his party. It’s love at first sight for both of them. She leaves in a rush but he doesn’t get a name or number, or anything. A month later he just so happens to wind up sitting next to her on the bus on his way to work. This time he gets her number and Elise’s (Emily Blunt) name.

Two men strangely start to appear in David’s life. They explain that they work for a bureau that makes corrections when things go slightly wrong.  The Bureau informs David that Elise isn’t for him, that a romance between them will dangerously alter some destined path with which they, personally, are clearly unaware. David, however, despite being presented with a rather dissuasive ultimatum, can’t cast Elise aside. However one of the agents from The Adjustment Bureau missed his cue and everything is off plan. From there the film begins and we are taken on an awesome ride.

You will be entertained every moment while watching the movie. It has cool special effects, the sound mix effectively balances the subtle details. It’s a great recommendable film.


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