Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1.05B in patent case

SAN FRANCISCO – A jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 billion Friday after ruling the South Korean giant infringed on the US firm’s patents for a variety of smartphones and tablet computers, media reported.

The reports said the jury rejected Samsung’s counterclaims against Apple, in a big win for the Silicon Valley giant, which had claimed its iconic iPhone and iPad had been illegally copied.

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My sleeping problem

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s been months now since i’m experiencing sleeping problem. And because of lack of sleep i always feel dizzy. My friend suggests that I take iron supplement and she recommends floradix. She took it when she had the same problem. But is it enough to bring back my sleeping to normal? There could be some deeper explanation as to why i am experiencing this. I better consult a doctor before it even get worst.

She’s got talent

My daughter wanted us to buy a new guitar because she wants to make use of her talent more. She’s already playing the keyboard in our church music ministry and because she already learned to play guitar she would like to use her talent in playing guitar as well. She’s got talent so why shouldn’t i support her?

Good thing there is musician friend coupon codes i can use when i buy the guitar online. However, i’m not yet sure what type and brand of guitar to buy. Do you have any suggestion?

Mariel and Robin’s Online Show

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla in one show, is that possible? Mariel is a Kapatid while Robin Padilla is a Kapamilya. Well, it is possible through the online show they created called “Love on-line” or LOL on pinoyRealTV.

Like most things online, “LOL” is interactive. Mariel, who hosts the show, will chat with fans (and even non-fans) for a full hour beginning Sunday, Aug. 19, 3 p.m., and every Sunday thereafter. It also happens to be her second wedding anniversary. The agenda is most anything under the sun – about her and Robin, that is.

Second album

Three months ago our music team launched their first album in a concert. The concert was successful and their CD’s are selling very well. Because of their success they are already planning to make a new CD or second album. Target release date will be on December.

I interviewed one of the music team members and he gladly accommodates my asking. Through him I’ve learned about PreSonus Studio One, a popular recording and production software intended for music production.

Olympic equestrian

I got a chance to watch London Olympics 2012 this morning. Of course it was just a live satellite tv broadcast. But how i wish i’m in London right now to watch the Olympics live in person. Anyway, as i was saying, i was able to watch the equestrian competition. I admire the players especially the women. They show their strength and skills in riding and leading their horses. I also like their outfit, i read some of them are wearing the tailored sportsman riding apparel.

By the way let me share some trivia:

  • Women first participated in Olympic Eventing at the Helsinki 1952 Games.
  • At the Olympic Games horses must be at least eight-years-old for Dressage and Eventing, and nine-years-old for Jumping.
  • Canada’s Ian Millar won silver in the Team Jumping at the Beijing 2008 Games. The 61-year-old athlete was the oldest medallist at the Beijing 2008 Games.
  • The cross-country course in Eventing is between 5,700 and 6,840m long.
  • Equestrian is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete against each other on equal terms.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be launched in Berlin on August 29

Samsung has told Reuters that it’ll be launching a “new” Galaxy Note in Berlin on August 29, two days before the European IFA electronics trade fair.

“We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29,” Samsung flatly told the site, quashing any mystery that surrounded its Berlin-based box social.


I bet it’ll be another large-screened smartphone like the original Note, actually the rumour mill suggests it may come with a screen as large as 5.5 inches. It’ll incorporate some of the features found in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line as well.

Rains and rants

It’s so cold and quiet here in our office right now. The weather is really bad because of typhoon. Some of my officemates didn’t make it because their areas are flooded.

My daughter also informed me that classes in their school will be suspended by 12 noon today. How i wish our work will also be suspended hahaha. Just like the song “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”^_^

One more thing, I hate my drawer’s handle grips! because they are too small and shallow my fingers really hurt everytime i pull it. I’m having a hard time opening the drawer especially if it is loaded paper documents. Anyway, i heard that our manager is planning to buy new office furniture so i hope they will replace our tables with nice drawer and better handles.