Post and Pre Celebration

I’ve celebrated my birthday five days ago, we just had a simple dinner at home. My husband prepared fried tilapia, steamed shrimp, eggplant, okra and bagoong. My friends brought grilled chicken and itik. To make it easy for us to wrap up and clean, we just use banana leaf as our plates. We had a sort of “boodle fight” However, no matter how simple our celebration was still mine and my husband’s body ached afterwards.  The cooking preparation and cleaning made us really tired.

So for our daughter’s 18th birthday which is two years from now we agreed to just hire a caterer and event coordinator to handle everything for us. In this case we can enjoy the celebration without exerting too much time and effort. But since it would cost us a little more so as early as this day we’re going to set a aside a budget for it.

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