Musical Instrument as Christmas Gift

This Christmas season, giving musical instrument to your kids is one of the best gifts you can give them. When my daughter wished for a digital keyboard, I didn’t have a second thought. I bought her a digital keyboard because I believe she has the talent, and she can use that talent to serve God through our Church Music Ministry. True enough, she’s now one of the instrumentalists in our music team. Though she’s now studying in Manila, she did not stop from playing the keyboard on our worship service every Sunday.

This year I would like to get a guitar for my son. I’d like him to learn to play the guitar so he could learn new skill, diverting his focus away from computer games. I’m already checking out some cool godin guitars from guitar center website.

Watch for Regine Velasquez’s 25th anniversary concert repeat

Regine Velasquez’s 25th anniversary concert will have a repeat, that’s what she promised to her fans. Regine wasn’t able to sing and perform well on her anniversary concert when she lost her voice due to an illness.

Meanwhile Kris Aquino vows support for Regine. Aquino said she is willing to help Velasquez in organizing her concert repeat this December.

In her official Twitter account, Aquino told her followers that she really felt for Velasquez because she knows how hard it is to lose a voice.

“Regine said it was a virus she caught but promised the fans in MOA a repeat so that, in her words, they could see the show they deserve,” she said.

“Sensitive ako sa mga nawawalan ng voice. My heart ached for Regine. I felt her frustration at not being able to give 100%,” Aquino added.