Alternative software solution

If you’re a musician you probably heard about Ilok, but if you’re not and you’re the type of person who often download music software then you will find ilok interesting. Ilok is a device that hold over 500 software licenses. Now instead of buying musical software, you can just get a license from the ilok device. Many music companies find this as a great alternative software solution instead of buying software from a store.

Watch the spectacular Geminid meteor shower on December 13

One of the year’s best meteor showers is expected to light up the skies Thursday night, and specialists say it will be the best show of the year. The Geminid Meteors will be most visible around 8 p.m. EST Thursday, according to reports.

These meteors originate near the Gemini Twins constellation and are known annually for their “slow, bright, graceful meteors and fireballs.”

The Geminids were observed for the first time in 1860, fairly recently, as far as meteor showers go, and it was fairly week, with no indication that it was to become a major event, but the Geminid stream steadily grew more intense each year. Recently, some observers have reported an astounding 120 to 160 meteors per hour, so the Geminids are rapidly gaining a reputation as the most consistent and active annual shower.

What makes this year’s Geminid show more impressive than others, is the fact that the moon will be barely visible, increasing the chances of seeing the meteors in action.

Canadian astronomy specialists think the shower will be best seen in North Africa, Europe, China and Russia will get the best show, but North Americans will also get a good show.

Work thoughts

Working for almost eighteen years in a manufacturing company has made me gain knowledge a lot of in different hardware, auto and mechanical supplies. And everyday the learning continues. Just last week, one of our delivery truck encountered vehicular accident and so we need to purchase a lot of auto supplies for the repair. One of our pumps for operation is also undergoing maintenance. I was asked to canvassed for closed linear bearing. I’m clueless at first, but now after doing some research i already know what is the look and purpose of this bearing.

Though i’m glad I’m learning new things from my work, however it is not enough to alter my desire to retire early.

A very serious matter

Left and right we hear news about people being murdered because the killers are high on illegal drugs. Many lives were wasted and more and more lives are being wasted because of illegal drugs.  Our country has become the center of illegal drugs trading because of the shallow punishment. Sad to say some traders and manufacturers sometimes easily get away with their crimes when caught. I think our government officials should take this matter very seriously.

One government agency that requires drug testing is LTO. Before a driver’s license is issued the applicant must passed the drug test. However, i’ m not in favor of their procedure. I doubt if they really test the urine sample. I’ll be more convinced if they would use bzo drug test, it’s a drug testing kit that gives result fast and easy. In this case, both the person in charge in screening and the applicant can see the result outright.

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