Plans for the new year

At the start of the new year most of us want something new in our lives, in our home or even in our relationships. This new year what i desire is to have our house repainted and make some changes like adding new plants and cement garden bench though we really do not have a garden. We only have a small space in our garage that i would like to redecorate to make the look more appealing. Last month, we were blessed with a new sofa that’s why we’re also excited to redecorate our living room. This is just one of our many plans for this new year.

Trending news stories of 2012 according to Google

Before we welcome the New Year, let me for the last time share with you the top news for 2012.

Here is Google’s full list for the top 10 trending news stories of 2012:

1. Hurricane Sandy
2. Kate Middleton pictures released
3. Olympics 2012
4. SOPA debate
5. Costa Concordia crash
6. Presidential Debate
7. Stratosphere jump
8. Penn State scandal
9. Trayvon Martin shooting
10. Pussy Riot