Just a staycation

A few days from now i can finally have my much needed vacation. The Lenten season is the much awaited holiday vacation by all employees like me. During Holy Week we have a four day straight vacation. For most Filipinos, this is the time where families go on a vacation or to some just simply stay at home and enjoy bonding time together.

My sister’s family is now in Hongkong  for a 3 days 2 night vacation. While as for us we will just have a staycation since we don’t have money to spend even on an out of town trip. I told my children to just enjoy their vacation at home. I will just prepare foods for them to enjoy and we’ll just watch movies, listen to gospel music or play the keyboard and guitar. I borrowed my friend’s les paul guitar for my son because he will take guitar lessons this summer.

I know my kids our quite envious with their cousins, so I hope and pray that next year we could also give them the out of the country vacation they are dreaming of.


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