Invest in Philippines now says global reports

I read in yahoo news that now is the best time to invest in the Philippines so if you’re planning to do business here consider these reports:

Philippines was tagged as the most improved among the 60 economies in Grant Thornton’s “Global Dynamism Index” released Monday, jumping 25 places to the 21st spot this year.

The Philippines even posted greater improvements compared to China, which jumped 17 places to being third globally, topped only by Australia and Chile.

The report, which ranks countries according to changes implemented to make it easier for businesses to grow, gave the Philippines an index score of 55.7 points.

The Philippines performed best in economics and growth where it got 80 points, owing primarily to high gross domestic product growth.

This comes after the Philippine economy’s 7.5 percent growth from April to June, the fourth consecutive quarter with expansion above 7 percent under President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s III’s watch.

The Philippines also posted high scores in terms of labor and human capital, 67.9 points, as well as business operating environment, 62.4 points.