Non-stop singing

I’ve learned yesterday that one of our friends is so fond of karaoke singing and that he even ordered the exciting pcdj karaoki software at Musicians Friend last month so he could prepare for this Christmas celebration. Here in our country, during Christmas season, relatives and friends usually visit each other’s family to celebrate Christmas together. videoke or karaoke singing have become a great part in our celebration actually not just Christmas but in most occasions already. It is non-stop singing up to wee hours of the morning.

Gabrielle Union engaged to Dwyane Wade

NBA star Dwyane Wade is now engaged to longtime love Gabrielle Union. The actress announced the happy news on Twitter on Saturday night, Tweeting, “Sooooo this happened… #Yessss,” along with a photo showing her hand wearing her stunning cushion cut diamond ring.

Dwyane shared the same photo and captioned it, “She said YES!!!”
This will be the second marriage for both Gabrielle, 41, and Dwyane, 31, who have been dating since 2009. The athlete has two sons from a previous relationship and is also raising one of his nephews.

Celebrate passion for music with unique gift this Christmas

I’m excited for Christmas day because finally i was able to buy an
excellent boss bass at Musicians Friend, for me it’s the perfect gift i could give for my musician friend.  I’d like to celebrate the passion she has in music by giving her the perfect gift this Christmas.

Also, all of those i’ve written in my Christmas shopping list are already complete and all set for Christmas day. And i’m happy and excited to give them to all my other friends and loved ones.

Scoop on Samsung Galaxy S5: Features and Release Date

Here’s the latest scoop about Samsung’s next flagship phone,  there’s a rumor that Samsung may launch Samsung Galaxy S5 on February.

Rumors says that Samsung has added an ultra-fast 64-bit octa-core Exynos 5430 processor into the mix in place of the still relatively new 5420. It could have a whacking 4GB of RAM as well to power all the new technology inside, taking better advantage of that 64-bit chip. They will also use a 16MP camera with OIS and vastly improved low-light performance.

Rumors also suggest that Samsung may move away from the AMOLED technology in favor of LCD panels in the Galaxy S5, with a view to save money on producing the handset.


Tissot watches

I’m looking for a list of Tissot watches complete with price and specs. This coming Christmas i’m planning to give my husband a new watch. I heard that he saw his friend wearing a Tissot watch and he liked it. I hope i can find the best deals in Tissot watches. It’s quite pricey and my budget could not make it. Tissot is a very famous fashion brand, this luxury swiss watch has a large collection of watches both for men and women.

Susan Boyle reveals she has Asperger Syndrome

Scottish singer Susan Boyle has revealed she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome a form of autism. In an interview she told her relief at finally getting a “clearer understanding” of her condition. Boyle, 52, revealed she was misdiagnosed after complications at birth.She was told she had brain damage.

Boyle became a global sensation when she sang the Les Miserables number I Dreamed a Dream on TV contest Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. She has occasionally struggled with the pressures of fame, and was treated for nervous exhaustion soon after her stint on Britain’s Got Talent.

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

My friend is dreaming to have a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar this Christmas. He said he is saving a lot so he could buy this popular guitar. In the year 1950 many musicians brought the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. It has been  proudly used in live performances by many great artists to create unforgettable and timeless music.

The Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton was a Fender Strat aficionado since the 1970’s. Eric Clapton and Eric Gordon created the song “Layla” using this instrument. Today it is considered as one of the rock’s ultimate love song creations. Another popular musician who also used the fender strat electric guitar was John Lennon. He used it on famous ‘Sergeant Pepper’ sessions and for the unforgettable ‘Imagine’ album.  John Mayer has been a proud Fender Stratocaster for years, this instrument has helped lead to an incredible achievement of winning a Grammy Award.

Well, now i know why my friend is so passionate about Fender Stratocaster electric guitar.



Amazon unveils delivery by drone plan

Here’s the latest scoop in the world of online shopping. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon’s until now top-secret project that could change the way we shop forever.

The retail giant is working on a fleet of octocopters — aka drones — that promise a half-hour delivery of any product, for objects five pounds and under.

These electronic drones, which will leave from one of Amazon’s suburban fulfillment centers, are given exact GPS coordinates which signal it where to drop off the goods. Although Bezos pointed out that this fleet of electric copters has years of additional work ahead — the earliest it could be completed and approved by the FAA is 2015 — he said that in four to five years, this new method of delivery could likely be a part of the online shopping landscape. Could you imagine? You could literally buy and receive a new thing to wear while getting ready for work, if you wanted to.

If Amazon Air Prime, as the service will be called, sounds like it belongs in The Hunger Games, you’re not alone — it does seem a bit far-fetched, and while instant gratification is the ultimate goal in the digital world, it also seems a little risky, especially if you’re ordering high-end fashion items. Would you entrust an electric machine (without a human tracking it) to coast 10 miles through the air to your house before dropping off a designer handbag? What if there’s bad weather?

Amazon’s high-fashion offerings have steadily increased over the years, and although a number of online retailers like Net-A-Porter and Moda Operandi offer express same-day delivery with branded vehicles, it’s only to local markets, which gives Amazon — with distribution centers all over the country — a pointed advantage. Delivery of a desired item in 30 minutes or less is unheard of, and delivery trucks are far less green than Amazon’s proposed electric drones, but still, you can’t argue with the added security that comes with a real live person making sure your package arrives in one piece. Perhaps Amazon will have some sort of insurance plan in place.

Isn’t that amazing? 🙂